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AdAway v3.3-180307 for Android

AdAway is more or less alive, some members maintaining the code, perfectslayer – a member from XDA compiled the latest version for us version 3.3-180307 fixes a lot of problems and also adds chainfire’s systemless root support together with Magisk 15.x support.


What’s new in Version 3.3

The full changelog and official announcement is available here. You don’t have to uninstall v3.2 in case you want to upgrade because the APK was signed with the same keys (the ones from mrRobinson).

  • Improve systemless activation error handling – by PerfectSlayer
  • Improve su location detection – by tstaylor7
  • Update Mongoose webserver – by MrRobinson
  • Replace CyanogenMod references by LineageOS – by experience7
  • Update translations – by Mattter, mission712, ThomasSmallert and muzena
  • Fix translation attributes – by Vankog
  • Fix Magisk 15.x support – by pec0ra

It’s mostly a maintenance release only systemless root was improved and Magisk support were added and corrected. Ore support is planned for version 4.0 according to the latest statements. The current version does already works with Oreo (Android 8) but needs several more improvements to get into a more stable condition.

Why is F-Droid showing an older version?

F-Droid still shows v3.2 because the new version was compiled by perfectslayer (XDA Forums member) with the correct signature and with given permission to publish it.


The new version can be found on AndroidFileHost. It was mentioned in the original announcement post that F-Droid get the new version in the coming days.

Alternative Ad blocker Apps

There many but when it comes to the pioneers and the ones which really offering something then there only three to mention.

  • AFWall+ (Firewall but you also can block domains/IP’s)
  • NetGuard (Firewall but explicit also coded to block ads)
  • AdGuard (Adblocker with advance functions, can also act like a Firewall with advance statistics)

I write about each of these Apps in the coming weeks, there all pretty unique and each app has its own benefits.

Final Words

AdAway was maybe the pioneer under the ad-blockers, sadly the source got long time not maintained and the project is still a mess. A GitHub source code including stable download mirrors directly from GitHub and an integrated update mechanism would help a lot but of course you shouldn’t give up your hopes – everything is possible and since PerfectSlayer and other XDA members are working on the project again we might see some bigger changes very soon.

AdAway is still a useful Android application because it doesn’t waste much resources and does the job, however HTTPS delivered ads can be a bit ‘complicated’ to block and AdAway is maybe not the best choice for this.