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Windows Insider Build 17115 adds new Privacy Settings

Why is the new Insider Builds so special that I need to write about? Because of two things, first it’s the first Redstone Insider Build for RS 4 which has no known issue (according to Microsoft) and second the new Insider Build gets new ‘privacy options’ – in short the Setup gets new mechanism to enable or disable several things during the Windows Installation process.

New Privacy Settings introduced in Build 17115.

More options during the Installation

The changes to privacy settings will be evident from first boot which means users will be able to read and change the options related to eg. Location, Diagnostic data (telemetry) and more. Some options are not new but it gets improved to adapt the new integrated changes in Windows. Thew new options are: Inking & Typing and Find my device.

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Options easier to change

All customers can review and update their privacy settings at any time in Start > Settings > Privacy. Microsoft goal is to easier change the options and show them during and even after the installation.

New Options are available with Redstone 4 (Spring Creators Update) 1803

The new options are right now been tested and there will be integrated in 3 weeks when Redstone 4 comes out. It’s unclear it these options are somehow restricted by gpedit (group policy) or not – right now, I couldn’t find something on the ‘opt-out of basic telemetry’ question in the latest Build but maybe this get changed with another Build or with the final Redstone 4 Build.


Microsoft gets very often a lot of criticism about their data transparency and missing options, now they finally take action but some users already lost their faith and trust in Microsoft which plays in the hands for Linux. On the other side the entire telemetry thing was new and it usually takes (no matter which OS) some time to find an optimal user balance. Some people might not even care about this others (like I) want to take control (if possible) over the entire OS but Microsoft makes it often too hard to change basic things and this is a point which I also agree with.

Now we have the change what a lot of people complained about but is this really enough?!


  • Windows Insiders get first look at new privacy screen settings layout coming to Windows 10 (