Google changes their Search according to Data Protection Laws

I was just drinking my first coffee and POW! I got a Google popup, well first I was like ‘meh another popup’ but then I realized Google changed their search terms. This is not really a popup which you can suppress and you see it even if you’re not logged in. It seems like it’s a global message – I tried to see if the popup comes from different locations – it does – it’s telling you that they change was done because “data protection laws”. Okay we all know it’s a lie because Google was forced to take action on this because of some pressure from EU, EFF & Co. but let’s keep the news positive.


Review the options, take your time and read – Don’t just click okay! Okay?!

I know reading in the morning or night can be annoying and you only wanted to search for new Jennifer Lawrence nudes to make you day at least a little bit interesting but you should not just blindly agree in everything because Google gives you a bunch of options you could checkout or change.

To be perfectly clear, all of these options are already existent since several years but a little bit difficult to find there are all “hidden” under your account settings and you can opt-in or opt-out of almost everything.

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Some options require you to install an addon/extension to opt-out from and others have a toggle. So it’s worth to read all of the given details to understand what you change. The advertising opt-out points to an external link (Google ads page) which then allows you to control if you like Google ads or not. I think the change is not bad considered that most people never pay attention to their given options and there now more or less forced to read all this.

Final Words

Google and other search engines are often under pressure and getting criticism because there not ‘data conform’ (whatever that means and whoever that dictates). Now Google seems to take action overnight and they added a global warning message or information popup what option you get, it’s worth reading it to understand what Google really collects and what are your option to opt-out from it.

I think it was a small step into the right direction sadly this isn’t really what Google wants and there forced to do this by EU, EFF and other organizations/laws but besides this I like the fact that there is no ‘escape’ from reading it so even the last user should now aware what happens if you search for something or use any other Google service and it’s really hard to escape these days from Google.

I like to close this little article with a positive feedback because I think the new option makes it easier for beginners to change Google’s given option to opt-in/opt-out in their services and search functions.