NVIDIA Turing replaces Pascal Generation?!

According to Tom’s Hardware we’re going to see that gaming and HPC platform gets separated, HPC will see Nvidia’s Ampere while the gaming section gets an entire new architecture called ‘Turing’.

nVidia Turing

Multiple independent sources have told THG that Nvidia may well give us a tiny teaser of what they’ve got coming at GTC 2018, but the proper launch of their next-gen cards, including concrete details on their specs and everything else, will come sometime later.

It’s unclear if that’s really true or not. I made a short table to show the entire history.

2010 2012 2014 2016 2017 2018
Gaming (GeForce) Fermi Kepler Maxwell Pascal Turing
HPC (Tesla) Volta Ampere

So rather than the previously rumoured Volta and Ampere, we’ll be getting Turing instead on GTC 2018 (if it’s true or not we will see).

Volta will remain as Nvidia’s current HPC solution for Quadro graphics, AI and Machine Learning, while Ampere will be the successor in the HPC market later this year. Considering the pace at which these rumours are changing direction, none of this information is concrete just yet. We should at least begin to expect a much clearer picture at GTC 2018 which runs from March 26th through to 29th.

There is nothing much to add here because everything is a rumour when it comes to the ‘Turing’ discussion.