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I suck at Adobe Photoshop – I really do, maybe because my interest in such things are not existent or maybe because I never seriously did an online course – but sometimes I like to remove the background of an Image and Windows/Linux integrated programs doesn’t have such function. So what to do then? Install just for it an extra program? Well, you could do it with a portable program but why? There are online solutions which are good enough for this.

Remove the Image Background in some easy steps. Picture Source:

Not every online solution is good

Some services are really bad, I won’t call them out there but they want money, or even a monthly subscription to remove the background. The worst service I found said that they use your created picture to sell it, which is really a no go.

I found out that works quite good and it’s free. Even I as beginner had no troubles using the program.

Upload, Edit and Download


The left side is your original picture which you uploaded, I did this with a test meme picture. The right side shows the result. Looks good enough to me and my needs.

Please keep in mind that you should not upload ‘private’ picture in any cloud due security reasons – you simply never know what the provider does with your pictures.

The result was for the first try not bad, the service worked I even tested it in several other Browsers and I can say there wasn’t any problem with the service.

Final Words

No one is an expert in every program and I searched for an online solution for my ‘background removal’ problem without the need to install or download yet another program just for one or two pictures. seems to be good enough for beginners to remove the background in easy steps.

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