Google Song Maker is nice

Google released a new experiment which allows you to quickly create a song with your smartphone, PC or midi-device – it’s called ‘Song Maker‘. The best thing is you can create your own music without any external program or to login into a service, after you’re finished creating your song you easily can share it to the world.

Google’s Song Maker, very basic interface but works really well. Picture Source: Google

Creating songs is easy

Don’t expect something special it’s a browser-based module and it can’t compete against professional tools but that is not what Google wanted with this experiment.

The idea is really nice, not new but the project idea it’s easy understandable and I had much fun creating my own little song with it to see how good or bad the implementation works – and all I can say is, it was fun! it works with all Browser and is really easy to use.

Google Song Maker Settings
Google Song Maker settings let you adjust things like length, scale and range & more. Two main Instruments can be changed on the main screen together with the tempo – The rest is pure handwork.

My test song can be found here6HUIPBa

Final Words

It’s really a nice little project and I enjoyed every minute because I like music a lot and creating your own song is something on his own, you feel better and you have a great time trying new things out, sadly Google won’t let you download the song but maybe some more options are coming, remember it’s an experiment.

Let me know what you think about Google Song Maker or share your own created song with us. Have a great time creating you own little songs.


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