Windows RS 5 (1809) will get Tabs in explorer.exe

According to Zac Bowden the old explorer.exe will finally get tabs, we already had similar feature within the new ‘sets’ option but they got removed for no reasons, maybe because it was to unstable. The UWP file Explorer is on the todo list. The upcoming RS 4 will definitely not get such an function but maybe the next Insider build will already add this function – who knows.

Looks similar like what we know already from every Browser – Tabs. 

Additional Tools are not required anymore

Right now you need to install 3rd-party programs to get tab support and this really sucks because it waste some resources and you have to maintain just another program just to get such a ‘basic’ function into Windows. This will be changed with the the RS 5 Build coming in Oct. this year.

It’s unclear when exactly Microsoft releases the first insider Preview with this functionality at this time.

Final Words

This is a feature which is pretty useful and I can’t understand why Microsoft is always behind the common standards, Tabs, Theme support and all of these things are essential and loved and used by millions of people. Remove Cortana and add this would be a better deal to bring back the OS to something which you really can use daily – all what MS has to do is listen to their own community.

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