Microsoft can ban you from their services if you use too much ‘offensive language’

Microsoft has updated its Microsoft Services Agreement yesterday with one of the new policies banning "offensive language" on it's services. The new changes go into effect May 1st  and cover all Microsoft services including, Skype & Xbox Live. Or in other words, every service which requires you to login with an Microsoft Account in order to use MS own... Continue Reading →

Apple releases iOS 11.3 with iPhone battery management & more

Apples released today the new iOS 11.3 version in it's final form. This seems to be the biggest release since v11 was released (last year). The new version comes with the new battery management system which explains how iOS handles your battery (and you performance). Changelog Augmented Reality ARKit 1.5 allows developers to place virtual... Continue Reading →

HowTo limit Hard Drive Space in Windows for a specific User

You may share your PC/Laptop with your family and want to ensure that this person doesn't waste all the hard drive space, the solution here is simple you can work with Windows own Disk Quota feature, the benefit is that you won't need any third-party tool. There are a few things you need to keep in... Continue Reading →

KB4100480 fixes a CVE in Windows 7, Embedded & Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 systems

Microsoft released yesterday a new KB, the new KB4100480 fixes a security hole (CVE-2018-1038). The update itself is only available for x64 systems. Microsoft itself doesn't show much, a proper changelog is - as always - missing. But that's an old cap. Fewer details but it fixes a critical hole KB4100480 seems only for Windows... Continue Reading →

All Windows 10 Redstone 4 (Spring Creators Update) Build 1803 Download Links

The secret is lifted, Windows 10 Build 17133.1 seems the Spring Creators Update which is expected to be released worldwide April 09 2018 (delayed). In case you can't wait any longer here are all download links for the new Redstone 4 version. Upgrade process faster and with fewer bugs If you choose to keep all... Continue Reading →

Private Internet Access Client v78 is out

The new released Private Internet Access Client v78 comes with several changes, the GUI is now 'snappier' than ever. The taskbar icon got some changes, you see now a high DPI picture which also indicates with a small checkmark if you're secured or not. Changelog As you can see the righ-click menu is now more... Continue Reading →

VPN providers which leaking your real IP due WebRTC

The WebRTC story isn't new and since 2015 everyone should already aware of it, sadly some VPN providers still haven't addressed this problem. A simple configuration change on their server configuration can already prevent it, but seems some services are still weak and at the end it's up to the user to react on it... Continue Reading →

Windows 10 gets new internal Codenames

Microsoft will change the strategy once more, instead of telling their upcoming releases Redstone 3, 4, 5... they will change the name scheme to 19H1 and 19H2 - this change was made to make it more transparent to identify the major releases. The last Redstone Build will be Redstone 5 which comes at end of... Continue Reading →

personalDNSfilter is a DNS filter proxy for Android to block advertisements

t-ryder posted on XDA his new created DNS filter application which is written in Java, theoretically it can work on other operating systems but the main target seems to be Android. It's original written by Zenz Solution. The DNS filter proxy quickly allows you to block advertisements on an easy way.  You can help this... Continue Reading →

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