Twitter rolls out the Tweet Bookmark feature

Twitter allows us since today to use a new feature ‘Bookmarks’, this feature is useful if you want to save important tweets for later. The new feature is rolling out today across Twitter for Android and iOS, Twitter Lite, and the mobile Twitter website.

Twitter Bookmark feature

How to I bookmark something?

To bookmark a specific Tweet, tab on the share icon under the Tweet and select, “Add Tweet to Bookmarks” to access the Bookmark later simply tap “Bookmarks” from your profile icon menu.

The new feature in a nutshell. Picture Source: Twitter

Feature requested by community

This feature was long time ago requested by several people to make Twitter better and now we finally got it. The new feature means that you’ll no longer have to rely on makeshift storage methods for saving tweets, such as DM’ing them to yourself or clicking the little heart icon so the posts stay put in your “Likes” feed.

My Comment

The function is useful without any doubt and it’s now here, hopefully Twitter will listen more often to their own community and supporters o make the platform better.