Sony Playstation 4 fully cracked, Jailbreak Hits Firmware 4.55

The developer ‘Qwertyoruiop‘,  released yesterday a fully working exploit for Sony’s PS 4 Firmware 4.55 on GitHub. On top, there’s news of an interesting ‘payload’ quietly circulating.


Hack opens ways for pirated games and allows hombrew applications

Confirmation of what it does from Wololo: “When run in combination with the recently released exploit for PS4 4.55, Holy Grail lets users install and run unsigned packages. In practice, this will let 4.55 owners install and run homebrews as well as, yes, pirated PS4 games.

Video demonstration

Jailbreak 4.55

SpecterDev has released a fully-functional jailbreak of PS4 firmware 4.55, which opens up a whole world of opportunities for the homebrew scene and beyond. That being said, he’s careful to note on Github that others will have to step up to fill in the gaps from here.

[The implementation] will allow you to run arbitrary code as kernel, to allow jailbreaking and kernel-level modifications to the system. This release however, does not contain any code related to defeating anti-piracy mechanisms or running homebrew,” he explained.

Nevertheless, SpecterDev’s code has an inbuilt ‘ear’ that can take instructions (a so-called ‘payload’) and do something useful with them. “This exploit does include a loader that listens for payloads on port 9020 and will execute them upon receival,” he explains.

To put things into basic terms, while the new exploit works up to v4.55, the user exploit only works up to those with PS4 running v4.07, at least until another usermode exploit for later firmwares is released.

Final Words

It looks pretty, but it does not make much of a difference when you still have to pay a subscription for Playstation Plus just to play online. Sony is one of the Most Anti-Piracy Companies known today, they’ll take the site down and have everybody sued and/or arrested pretty soon, just you wait and see.


Don’t be too excited Sony will patch this or force you with their online services to upgrade to the latest firmware in order to play the game but it opens the way for people which use the console ‘offline’.