USB-IF and the future of Fast Charging

USB has too many logos and certificates which only ends up confusing people, including myself because there not only different certificates there also different cable types.

Picture Source: USB-IF

Too many confusion

USB 3.0 is USB 3.1 Gen1 and is is called ‘USB SuperSpeed’ while USB 3.1 is USB 3.1 Gen2 and is called ‘SuperSpeed+ 10 Gbps’. There more such examples but it’s clear that this is confusing.

USB-IF Chairman Brad Saunders promised us to change this with one Logo for everything which (theoretically) makes it easier to identify the product and it’s ability for fast charging.

One power adapter

The current situation is that there different voltages and power adapters available, we have for example 5,0 Volt/1,0 Ampere = 5,0 Watt, 5,0 Volt/2,4 Ampere = 12,0 Watt adapters for different types of USB devices. This mess will be simplified with upcoming smartphones because the power adapter will regulate the voltage now and not the smartphone which means the device stays cooler and every device will get the same charging defaults no matter if Apple or Android device.

New Logo’s. Picture Source: USB-IF

“USB 5, 10 and 20“ replacing SuperSpeed-Logos

The old logo gets replaced with one new one, the one for ‘Charger’ and another one in case the device is able to ‘Fast Charge’.

Old Logo for USB 3.0 (USB 3.1 Gen1) will be replaced. Picture Source: USB-IF

Next change DisplayPort

DisplayPort’s are next on the to-do list, there also getting new Logos. It’s right now unclear how the new logos will look like and how the change exactly will be done, there also different cables and logos right now.

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