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Cellebrite unlocks any Android or iOS Device

Cellebrite claims in their own PDF that they have now the technology needed to unlock any iPhone which includes the new iPhone 8 as well as Andriod phones, there is no list given but every phone could be affected (theoretically).

Unlock any phone

FBI/CIA interested

FBI has recently noted that many investigations were hindered due to the fact that it could not access locked smartphone devices. There is currently only one working device which works with the older iOS devices for 500$ which can unlock iPhones. This hole got closed later with recent iOS updates, so the FBI needs to search for other methods, like Cellebrite.

Supported Devices

  • Apple iOS devices and operating systems: iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPad Pro and iPod touch, running iOS 5 to iOS 11.
  • Android Device and operating systems: Samsung, HTC…, running Android 4 up to 7.

The list is not complete because it’s not fully documented, it’s possible that are more devices and OS are supported, since older OS are weaker against eg. Pin-Bruteforce attacks.

Broken Page

The link to its Sales Inquiry page seems to be broken. There is no reason why or any statement. It’s unclear if they are going to fix it or not, maybe we need to unlock it?

Final Words

It smells like scam and it sounds too good to be true, their page is unprofessional and their documentation incomplete to come to a conclusion if this really works or not. I definitely stay away from them because I never heard of them before and I bet we will never hear about them again. We will see if FBI or CIA buy it and use it but I have huge doubts that this works across all devices.