Qualcomm 5G Test can handle 8K 120 FPS video stream

5G will change a lot, the mobile speed gets so fast that we are able to stream 8K videos in 120 FPS without any problems, the only requirements are a compatible smartphone (with a powerful enough chip in it) and of course a provider with 5G.

5G Test

First Test showed at Mobile World Congress 2018

Qualcomm decided to run 5G simulated tests during Mobile World Congress, where they modeled two real-world conditions in Frankfurt and San Francisco. The locations are based on existing cell sites and spectrum allocations in two popular, and very dense cities.

Qualcomm’s tests on the Frankfurt simulation leaps from 56Mbps on the existing 4G connection to a mind-melting 490Mbps on 5G, a huge 7x increase in web browsing speeds instantly. Qualcomm expects to see over 90% of users pushing past 100Mbps download speeds on 5G, compared to just 8Mbps on LTE.

5G 2019

5G is already coming earlier, 2019 seems to be the year when the first Provider enabling their networks to support this new technology. Originally it was planned for 2020 but there were done earlier with the final tests to stabilize the upstream-problem.

Final speeds are different from the test results

The test results are optimized and the final results are not that high, however, it will be still fast enough to stream a 10-Bit 8K Video in 120 FPS which is really impressive, remember we are not talking about Wifi, we are talking about the cellular network! The 5G tests in the San Fransisco simulation were anyway nothing but answer Qualcomm saw tests going from 71Mbps on LTE to a huge 1.4Gbps (1400Mbps) on 5G which is overall a huge 23x improvement compared to 4G and fast enough to handle everything.

Final Words

5G is awesome without any doubts but even if it makes it way into the customer market next year it will definitely take some years before it gets mainstream market and the server/providers also need to handle the speed which means it takes time and a lot of money to change their infrastructure. I do not expect that everything went well from the beginning and that’s why I recommend to wait and not buy immediately new hardware or switch to another provider just because 5G, in most cases such things are only relevant if you really stream/upload huge amount of files and for the rest 4G is still good enough, from the security aspect 5G is a bit more secure but still attackable which is a shame, I always look for new protocol changes and what they change on their crypto system but it really seems that 5G doesn’t change as much as they should in order to protect us against the well-known SS7-Attacks.

If your ISP throttles you or if there are restrictions because the whole story about the ‘net neutrality’ is unclear but I’m sure there will be some providers which want some extra money in order to download larger files or something like this, it’s only a matter of time.



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