PS5 release date rumours – The road so far

Is Sony already working on a PS5? Almost certainly, and there are plenty of rumours circulating about the mystery console.

Earlier Concept Art: Source: Unknown possible some guy on Reddit

Possible Specs

Sony is a major purveyor of 4K Blu-ray discs, which means 4K is already a ‘must’. 8K is already knocking on the door and it maybe even supports at least video-playback in 8K with 10-Bit colors.

I also guess that Sony will ramp up the storage capacity of its console for the PlayStation 5 which would make sense in terms of 4K and bigger games/download content. The PS4 Pro is currently only available in 500GB and 1TB versions, but the file sizes of popular games are increasing Final Fantasy XV needs over 160GB for 4K textures.

When next-generation titles roll around, I’d imagine Sony will be looking at handling their big file sizes with a 2TB console, which is great news for gamers sadly is since firmware manipulations aren’t allowed you won’t be able to use it as HTPC or crippled because Sony doesn’t allow you to install Linux or other 3rd-party apps like Kodi to ‘pimp’ the console to really get an HTPC replacement, which is still a shame, the potential would be given and the chip / GPU would definitely powerful enough.

Sony currently uses a high-end AMD Radeon graphics card in the PS4 Pro, so we’d expect to see a newer-generation version of this in Sony’s next console.


The original PlayStation 4 cost £349 at launch, which was the same as the newer PS4 Pro. I assume the new console will be around the same price or 399 depending on what Microsoft and the Xbox console will cost (if there releasing something at the same year) and of course, it’s depending on which hardware it will get.

More than Gaming?

Sony believes it’s going to be much more than just a video games device in future, citing a forthcoming planetarium application to explore space virtually and the ability to watch blockbuster moves in a 360-degree space. Which is still unconfirmed but it could be bundled in a Pro Version with a VR headset. There have also been suggestions from Sony’s top bosses in the past about iterating on the PSVR headset, hopefully making it less cable intensive because the cable problem still seems as of it right now – unsolved. But this is likely a few years off and could arrive in line with the new PS5, which numerous industry analysts, developers & publishers have suggested could arrive around 2020.


Nothing is really answered and there only rumours and twitter posts around the internet which are mysterious and we simply have to wait until the next Sony press conference to get some details on the PS5 process. Anyway, it would be interesting if consoles can really survive against PCs because of the VR-hype. We should also not forget that Nintendo did a fantastic job with their console and once it fully gets ‘cracked’ you can be sure that a lot of people going to buy it because it gets really interesting, especially if you’re able to manipulate or install things you miss, why console developers still closing their consoles is beyond me, this would be a fantastic argument to buy a console and the potential is given.

In my opinion, the best would be if Sony, Nintendo & Microsoft would finally start working together with their community to make a ‘better’ OS which would be open, this is the only hope I have and I think the only solution in order to survive against traditional PCs – the games, hardware is only as good as the software is which is required to use the consoles and if that it’s crippled, confusing or limited in anyway the people will switch immediantly or trying to manipulate it anyway and fighting this is a fight against a windmill, soon or later someone always going to bypass this because the motivation is given because Sonny & Co. created this problem themeselves.

Let me know what you think in the comments, are you planning to buy a new console or do you wait till hardware gets in general cheaper and upgrade your PC?