Lemme fix

Lemme Fix: IDM isn’t showning the download panel on YouTube

Internet Download Manager is the best commercial solution to download video, audio or other files and it’s trusted by a lot of customers around the globe, but sometimes it has for some people problems to download things from YouTube. This has something to do how IDM is configured and in this quick ‘lemme fix’ I show how to solve the problem in some simple steps.


Check the configuration

  • Open your Internet Download Manager
  • Select “Downloads” from menu bar
  • Select “Options” from a drop-down list
  • A popup box will open which will look like this:
Click on the ‘Customize IDM Download panels in browsers’ – ‘Edit’-Button
  • Select General and click on edit button from the “Customize IDM Download panels in browsers.” Click on the ‘Edit‘-Button to open the options menu.


  • There will be another popup box if you click on the Exceptions Button.

And that’s it, now you see again a download button ion the videos.

Final Words

Sometimes the devil is in the details and maybe you accidentally added the YouTube-Domain to the ‘never download from’ list and you wonder why there isn’t a download option anymore. To search for this is annoying and ends up in wasting your lifetime – nobody likes it and I hope I could helped you a little bit with this little problem.