Android Pay gets replaced by Google Pay

Android Pay is not officially dead and will be replaced by Google Pay. The new app makes it easy for us users to see recent purchases, find nearby stores, and access rewards. Google Chrome support is already in the works, don’t ask me about other Browsers but I assume you get some add-ons or in-Browser method.

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Alternative to Samsung Pay

I only can guess but the app seems an alternative to Samsung’s Pay Method/App and Google tries to get their own services running to be less depending on other services, especially on the Google Play Store.

No Credit card required

One thing I really like about the new app is that just about anything else on your phone can treat it as a form of payment. Meaning you don’t need to have your credit card on file with a dozen different apps/companies – you just tell them to use Google Pay or something like PayPal. This isn’t specific to the new app per se, but it’s part of their greater Google Pay initiative.

Final Words

I had Android Pay on my phone but don’t know why though I literally never used it. I keep a wallet with me wherever I go but why my credit card isn’t good enough – I’ll never know?! However I think it could be a good thing for people which need G Pay more often than I but on the other side, we already have other things like PayPal, BitCoin, your good old friend the credit card and why we need another service is beyond me. Maybe because another service wants to collect your data? Or maybe because the transaction speed with G Pay is the fastest right now. Who knows.

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