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Net Neutrality is dead – The fight just began

2015’s Net Neutrality rules were officially repealed in the federal register and now? The Electonic Frontier Foundation, 22 Attorneys General, and other organizations are now going to court to fight this repeal.

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Capitalism is a general problem

Pissing off your customers by grossly polluting generally doesn’t work out well for the whole “making money” thing, this was shown clearly by the video.
This idea that only the government can enforce goodness and all businesses are patently evil and thus we need someone to save us from them is beyond absurd.


I know some people don’t wanna hear, but the truth is companies have paid to have Net Neutrality removed, while the majority of Americans didn’t. Money is now greater than the people. This is something Yanis Varoufakis has warned us about (remember the scandal?)

The other problem is that states have made competition against ISP’s illegal, which is the other problem we’re facing. Something the majority of people don’t want but corporation’s do. I mean why would they ever invest in a infrastructure if they couldn’t profit with a monopoly? And when I say they invest, I mean we subsidize it.

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