GeForce GTX 2080, GTX 2070, GTX 1180 and GTX 1170 expected for GTC 2018

Nvidia’s latest graphics cards will be the Ampere generation and these cards going to be announced at GTC 2018. Nvidia should be launching their new cards in late April or at the beginning of May – traditionally there hosted an Editor’s Day to unveil their new GeForce graphics cards, rumors already saying that Nvidia might not show any new cards on the GTC but I already can guarantee this information is wrong.


Architecture changes compared to Volta

The Turing generation is very interesting because Nvidia will change a lot on the architecture, this could also be explained or announced at GTC 2018. The Ampere generation will just be a refresh and the architecture there will be not much changed, it’s expected that it only gets ‘upgrades’ maybe faster memory – GTX 1080 Ti could be replaced with a GDDR6-infused GTX 2080 – and things like this, however, there right now not much details are given and we need to see what we get.

Adding fuel to this fire is German tech site 3DCenter, which claims that NVIDIA has already ceased production on GP102, and that GA104 will begin production sometime this month. The plan is to launch it on April 12.