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Hide Your Online Status in WhatsApp

WhatApp online status controlling mechanism is really confusing in my opinion because it’s hidden but it’s possible to hide you status without the nessary to install other apps.


The steps in detail

Open WhatsApp on your mobile phone, click on 3 vertical dots menu present at the top-right corner and select Settings option.

Go into the “Accounts -> Privacy” option, you see the following:


Under “Who can see my personal info” section, click on “Last seen” and select “Nobody” from the given options.


Scroll down to bottom and also uncheck “Read receipts” checkbox and you see something like this:


This are the entire steps in detail and it’s not hard but it’s a little bit hidden, your contacts now can’t see your ‘last seen’ status anymore.

Stay away from 3rd-party apps!

There unofficial apps which trying to get you because there promising several things but these apps are unofficial and their function can break with each new WhatsApp update and then you never get your money back. Or even worse there only designed to troll you by crypto hijack you and and and. It’s not worth to take the risk.

Final Words

If you really use WhatsApp and you need to hide your status, use these simple steps to prevent your contacts from knowing whether you have read their messages or not. Just don’t use unofficial apps or modified WhatsApp versions which including ads into, mods are fine as long if there would come without negative side-effects but there none.