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Intel is working on another microcode update against Meltdown & Spectre

Intel has announced that it has released production microcode updates to OEM manufacturers for Kaby Lake, Coffee Lake, and Skylake platforms. And they have finally given us a schedule and availability table for the microcode revisions that can be found here. This update is already a bit late which means Intel is behind their own schedule but better late than nothing right?

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There are some CPU’s that seem to be missing from the list, just keep checking your motherboard manufacturers sites for updates, you can find a list here. Rith now Intel only listed Xeons and Mobile chips for Ivy Bridge and Haswell, which is a little bit disappointing I mean this kind of CPU generation are not really that old that you drop support for some and others getting support – dunno how Intel decides which Generation/CPU gets the update and which don’t. The current Microcode Revision Guidance can be found as PDF right here.

I made a CVE-2017-5715 (Spectre-v2) table. The OEM’s are working on it and you can expect to get other BIOS updates ‘soon’.

OEM Note
Acer No Update available
Apple No Spectre-2 statement
ASRock (Mainboards) H110 (Skylake)+
Asus (Mainboards) Old microcode for several chipsets
Asus (Notebooks, AiOs) No Update available
Dell (Endanwender) New microcode for Skylake-Systems
Dell (Server) New microcode for Xeon Phi
EVGA (Mainboards) No Update available
Fujitsu (PDF) No Update available
Gigabyte (Mainboards) Old microcode for several chipsets
HP New microcode for Skylake-Systems
IBM Updates for Power7, -7+, -8 and -9, no other updates planned
Intel (End-User) New microcode for Skylake-NUC
Intel (Server) No Update available
Intel (Board partners) Microcodes for Skylake, Skylake-SP, Skylake-D, Kaby Lake, Coffee Lake, and several Atom
Lenovo New microcode for Skylake-Systeme
Medion No Update available
Microsoft Updates for Surface ab Pro 3 with older microcode
MSI (Mainboards) Old microcode for Z370
MSI (Notebooks) No Update available
MYSN Depending on ODM (Clevo, Quantas, MSI)
Super Micro No Update available
Toshiba No Update available
Zotac (Zbox) No Update available