Samsung unveils 30TB SSD – Largest capacity SSD right now

Hoooly Linux, I almost spilled my coffee over my Laptop while searching the web, what I found you ask? A damn large SSD and I say – It was about time! Samsung did it again, they are the first with the largest SSD (if someone says size doesn’t matter … well you know). Of course size matters 🤨! Samsung just unveils there latest SSD baby, the PM1643 seems to be an SSD which you can by in the middle of the year – for now only for the government.


Samsung PM1643
Samsung PM1643. Picture: Samsung


Samsung’s new PM1643 has 30.72TB of SSD storage with the company pushing the new SSD for next-generation storage systems for the government, health and education markets, and others – it’s unclear if the same model or a modified version makes the way into the mainstream consumer market this year.

The new 30TB SSD has enough space to hold thousands of movies and countless files. It’s twice the capacity of Samsung’s current 15.36TB SSD that it unveiled in 2016 which boasted speeds of 2100MB/sec for reads and 1700MB/sec writes. Samsung combined layers of flash memory into “super-sense” 1TB packages in order to double the SSD storage beast to 30TB.

The manufacturing process started last month, with plans to unveil a larger family of drives with lower capacities later this year the price for this baby wasn’t mentioned.