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Lemme fix: Skype 8 is horrible – Here is how you downgrade to 7

Skype 8 is like Windows 8, a nightmare and half-done, so 7 seems our number in Windows and Skype, this little ‘lemme fix’ shows you how you downgrade your Skype version to fix your Skype/Microsoft created problems.


What’s wrong with Skype 8?

In short: The design and usability. It looks like half done and some functions were removed or are difficult to find and that’s really a no-go because people which using Skype on a regular basis might waste a lot of time trying to find some basic functions e.g. to switch your Status. A rudimentary function like this should get a focus and this seems to lost in Skype 8.

Downgrade with problems

You can’t just use any lower 7.x version because it ends up with a warning or the setup gets blocked, sometimes you even get an endless loop if you trying to login.

The solution Skype 7.40

Skype 7.40 seems to work on all Windows Versions (even RS 5) and the login works without any problems, you can find the MSI-Installer here the download is around 43 MB big.

Disable auto-update!

After you installed the new Version you should immediately disable the integrated auto-update function, which you can find under Menu Actions – Options – Advance: “Automatically Update” otherwise Skype tries to upgrade itself to a newer version.

Final Words

The new Skype Version is nothing but horrible in so many ways, design and missing functions are for most people the biggest problems, it’s unclear if Microsoft will block or remove the download link for older Skype versions soon so hurry up, download the version and make a backup because you never know.

It’s a shame what Microsoft has done to Skype, it was not a bad software but because of UWP Apps, design changes the software gets more and more worse with each update. However, I hope the community will punish Microsoft for this and boycott the new Versions until this is solved and reverted to the old standards. It’s unclear if the Skype v7 has encryption support or not, recently Microsoft introduced encryption into their Skype software normally I do not suggest to downgrade but in this case, go for it.

Let me know what you think in the comments and what Microsoft could change to bring Skype back to the good old quality.