Xbox One X and Xbox One S getting 1440p support

The secret is out! The Xbox models One X and even the weaker One S getting 1440p support “soon”. It’s unclear at this time of writing if the S gets only 1440p for video playback or also for games, in my opinion, it’s not possible to get stable framerates with the hardware but we will see. According to Kevin Gammill which is the program manager for Microsoft’s Xbox Platform Partner Group, Xbox One X 1440p support is just around the corner for those in the early preview ring.

Xbox One X

The benefits for those on 1440p monitors are limited currently because the Xbox One X downsamples exclusively to 1080p which means it results in a lower resolution compared than what native 1440p displays could deliver. Ultra-Wide support is (still) missing but it’s a good start to push the eSpots on consoles however it’s really the deal because for 4k games you (right now) still need to use a decent PC to manage higher FPS.

I think Sony doesn’t release anything right now because they’re working on 4k support already, it’s just my guess but it would make more sense because 4k gaming seems to be the next upcoming mainstream thing.