Intel’s 10-Nanometer Process Technology Explained

If you curious how the latest 10nm technology works, then you definitely read this article which got published by WikiChip which in-depth shows an overview of Intel’s 10nm process, which includes the latest insight from IEDM and ISSCC. The major changes include a 2.7x density increase from 14nm, 3rd-generation FinFET transistors and the adoption of cobalt interconnects which allows for a reduction in line resistance.

Picture by Intel/WikiChip shows the new gate transistor.

The initial architecture, Cannon Lake, may be focused on mobile CPUs that are smaller and thus easier to make when chip yields are relatively poor. Ice Lake (first real 10nm Chip for Desktop’s) would come once yields are relatively “stable” and can handle bigger desktop-class parts. The timing is unclear. Cannon Lake is slated to arrive at the end of 2018 – Ice Lake is more likely to show at the beginning of 2019.

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Intel’s Core Architecture Cadence
Microarchitecture Core Generation Process Node Release Year
Sandy Bridge 2nd 32nm 2011
Ivy Bridge 3rd 22nm 2012
Haswell 4th 22nm 2013
Broadwell 5th 14nm 2014
Skylake 6th 14nm 2015
Kaby Lake 7th 14nm+ 2016
Coffee Lake 8th 14nm++ 2017
Cannon Lake 8th? 10nm 2018?
Ice Lake 9th? 10nm+ 2018?/2019

Final Words

A lot of new things are about to come at the end of this year and the new technology is promising, what lies beyond the gap between 14nm++ and 10nm+ and why laptops not getting directly the 10nm? This remains an open question and we just need to wait until Intel explains more about their building process here.

Intel’s next generation of Xeon Scalable Processors is called Cascade Lake, a 2018 refresh of the Skylake generation will be launched this year and is maybe the first piece in the bigger puzzle remember that there’s a reason new PC sales are stagnating and it’s because there’s just no need to upgrade, not on the server side and not as ‘normal’ PC user, just keep waiting seems the ne strategie because at the end we are getting only refreshes right now until 10nm really makes it’s introduction into the consumer market.

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