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Howto fix BSODs & File Corruption on Raven Ridge APU Systems

This guide addresses the issue with AMD Raven Ridge APUs (R3 2200G, R5 2400G) which also includes fixes for the “video_TDR_failure” blue screen of death (BSOD). Everything can be fixed – that is the good news, the bad news is that some things might need BIOS adjustments from the manufacturer to really solve the performance issue people reported to me or in the forums.


I will quickly summarize the problems and how you quickly solve them, keep in mind that all get fixed with the upcoming updates!

The symptoms

  • Video_TDR_Failure BSOD (biggest one I think)
  • Large network file transfer BSOD on MSI motherboards
  • On-board wireless BSOD on MSI boards (needs a BIOS upgrade to solve)
  • 1703 freeze/hang or BSOD – GPUZ BSOD
  • Windows Timer Bug with MSI boards (Windows fix coming with the next patchday)
  • 3DMark installation corruption (requires the latest software update to fix it)
  • Some boards eg ASRock Pro4, are still severely lacking in IGP tuning options (BIOS update required)

The fix

  1. Clean install (not UPGRADE!) Windows 10
  2. Download the latest chipset + graphic drivers
  3. Install first the chipset driver and then the graphics driver! This is important!
  4. That’s already the entire magic, some people might mix this and getting troubles.

The rest of the mentioned things need an upcoming or an already released software or BIOS update.


These issues are happening because of programs haven’t updated for Raven Ridge. This has nothing to do with AMD’s APUs! The tricky part is the software – the chipset/graphics install order, anyway I hope this helps some people.

2 replies on “Howto fix BSODs & File Corruption on Raven Ridge APU Systems”

Hi, I got the VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE while trying to run fortnite while my 2200g was overclocked at 3.9/3.7GHz and my GFX was at 1500Mhz. I also got an error once just after I overclocked it, despite earlier being able to overclock it and run a benchmark for cinebench and Heaven benchmark. My core temperature never surpassed 75C in any of these cases. You mention in your post that it could be fixed by installing the drivers in a specific order. How exactly could I find these drivers separately? AMD’s site leads me to just one installer, which I can only assume installs both. I could be being dense, but I can’t find any other help.


Hey, that’s the reason why I support station-drivers. Just click on my Blog on ‘Driver-Updates’ and you will be redirected to the page, it’s in french but the important things are in english and you find the latest drivers there in the forum or with the search.

If you still have troubles let me know and I link them directly into the article.


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