Belgian Court: Facebook Ordered to Stop Collecting User Data

BIG DAY! A good one I might add, Facebook was forced to stop their data collection on users and they also forced to delete the already collected data, otherwise, the company will be fined 250,000 ($312,000) euros a day.


Richard Allan, Facebook’s vice president of public policy for EMEA, said the company was disappointed with the verdict and intended to appeal: “The cookies and pixels we use are industry standard technologies and enable hundreds of thousands of businesses to grow their businesses and reach customers across the EU.”

I wonder how much of Facebook’s revenue stream is derived from their spying on what their users do outside of Facebook. Probably a lot of it. They’ll appeal until the bitter end, and probably just let the fine ( a mere $100 million a year, pocket change and an acceptable cost of doing their to $40 billion/year business) pile up while they do.

Final Words

YES! A new precedence fall was created here and I hope Facebook & Co. get more punishment now – which they really deserve – to end this endless data collection. Twitter recently got a similar court. I see no reason to collect really every data like what you clicked and if you recently visited xyz page, that’s a no-go and this has nothing much to do with being ‘social’. I see this order as a small step in the right direction and I hope more countries are following the Belgians and their decision.

I’m still happy (even if I don’t use Spybook) that there still people out there fighting for our rights and people should not forget that the internet is not a room which doesn’t have any rules. Of course, Facebook might changes their strategy now and will try to find new ways but the focus is now there and more and more people are now aware that there is some privacy related problem and each step made by Facebook is now monitored to check if they really hold what they are ordered too, anyway it’s a shame that a social platform uses anti-social tricks to obtain your data just because they want to sell them.

Social Networks are (maybe because of Spybook?) more and more unpopular which is no wonder but on the other side it’s sad for those who really play by the rules because the little ones are once again the ones which getting punished because they don’t have as many reserves as Facebook, Google & Co.