Windows 10

Windows 10 Build 16299.248 removes the ability to uninstall Internet Explorer

The last patchday is not without consequences, but it seems you no longer can remove the Internet Explorer via the integrated “Windows Feature” Dialogue but you still can remove it via DISM.


I didn’t wrote anything about the last patchday this month because I not really found much trouble with it, until now. I realized that the ability to remove the Internet Explorer is gone now. You’re not anymore able to disable/remove it with Windows own ‘Feature’ dialogue.


Latest patched Windows 10 version as time of writing the article.


Reason unclear

Why this option is gone is unclear, the Internet Explorer is an end of life product because it gets replaced with Edge but another explanation would be that it’s because of a bug or due another purpose. A lot of people removed it because they never used the Browser, in fact, the files are still there no matter if you remove it with such an option or not.

Maybe it’s just me and my Enterprise test version or maybe I overlooked something but it seems that Microsoft now more and more often change some things without any proper changelog or mention, it would be (in my opinion) better if we finally getting proper changelogs what exactly will be changed with every KB and not only fragments.

Final Words

Do I need Internet Explorer or Edge?! Nope, but do I need a full changelog with each patchday or new KB – Hell, yes! It’s still a shame that Microsoft often changes something without mention it and most people need to figure it out ‘the hard way’ afterward when something is not working or missing, I hope we see a change this year or a better overview page with more details.

Let me know if any of you Pro users can confirm this or if you found other strange stuff in the latest patchday.