CCleaner 5.40.6411 is here

The popular cleaner software CCleaner (Crap Cleaner) got another update, the changelog is not huge but every little bugfix helps to make the product better and better.



  • Browser Cleaning
  • Edge: Added new ‘Set aside tabs’ cleaning rule
  • Windows Cleaning
  • Added warning for ‘Old prefetch data’ cleaning rule
  • General
  • Minor improvements to user interface
  • Minor bug fixes


I provide all the available links because the official homepage is confusing and doesn’t show all links on one page. As always, a product matrix can be found here which shows what are the differences between each versions.

The links never change except the versions numbers so you can bookmark them to update the product, I still suggest to block the executable and the updater with your firewall and only download it through the official download links. This is btw my recommendation for all software products not only CCleaner, just review each download manually, before you download and install them, just to ensure nothing gets into your systems.

Professional Edition (Old Setup UI):

Professional Edition (New Setup UI):
Technician Edition:
Business Edition:
Business Edition MSI x64:
Business Edition MSI x86:


File Verification:


Final Words

The CCleaner team is working hard to improve the product and it gets smaller fixes faster than before, this is a good sign – I mean after the data leak disaster these guys really need to fight for their reputation but there is no alternative to such powerful little utility available and it still does it job very well. The new update is more a bugfix and cosmetical update but even this might help to avoid possible troubles especially for none technically people out there.