AMD Ryzen 5 2400G and Ryzen 3 2200G Reviews

Gaming in 1080p with an APU – not possible you say? – it is! AMD’s new Raven Ridge CPU is launching today in the form of the 2200G and 2400G CPUs. Raven Ridge is based on the Zen CPU and Vega GPU architectures. The new change in the GPU and CPU architecture allows delivering a very good 1080p gaming experience. The price for the 2400G is in stock for $170 right now and the 2200G street seems to be $100 which is totally okay in my opinion.

Official Box pictures: Picture: AMD

There are already several reviews available on the internet and I’ll quickly list them so that you can read them and decide to buy the product or to wait till Ryzen 2 comes out.


AMD officially says this to their new CPU’s:


  • The Ryzen 5 2400G processor delivers:  The same graphics performance in a single processor as combining the $199 USD Intel Core i5-8400 with an $89 USD NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030 discrete gaming GPU
  1. Up to 156% more graphics performance than the Intel Core i5-8400
  2. Up to 21% more system performance than the Intel Core i5-8400
  3. Up to 39% faster graphics performance when overclocked”
AMD Raven Ridge Intel Kaby/Coffee Lake
4C +SMT, 3.6/3.9 GHz, 65W TDP, 169$
Vega 11
with 704 SE @ ≤1250 MHz, 2Ch. DDR4/2933
Ryzen 5 2400G 165€
165€ Core i3-8350K 4C, 4.0 GHz, 91W TDP, 168$
UHD Graphics 630 with 23 EU @ 350/1150 MHz, 2Ch. DDR4/2400
104€ Core i3-8100 4C, 3.6 GHz, 65W TDP, 117$
UHD Graphics 630 mit 23 EU @ 350/1100 MHz, 2Ch. DDR4/2400
98€ Core i3-7100 2C +HT, 3.9 GHz, 51W TDP, 117$
HD Graphics 630 with 24 EU @ 350/1100 MHz, 2Ch. DDR4/2400
4C, 3.5/3.7 GHz, 65W TDP, 99$
Vega 8 with 512 SE @ ≤1100 MHz, 2Ch. DDR4/2933
Ryzen 3 2200G 96€
63€ Pentium G4620 2C +HT, 3.6 GHz, 51W TDP, 75$
HD Graphics 630 with 24 EU @ 350/1100 MHz, 2Ch. DDR4/2400

Final words and suggestion

I read myself today through a bunch of the reviews, seems like this is getting a homerun for the entry level/ HTPC/ ITX crowd. I think Internet Cafes are going to scoop these up as well – Sadly, it’s right now too bad DDR4 prices are what they are currently.

I think AMD did a solid job here, the performance and prices are good for a little bit gaming and as said very interesting for much of other scenarios. I maybe build a new HTPC soon and this would be good enough for running everything on it without wasting much energy – so the efficiency point is one big argument for me.

If you need some low-energy system to just browse the internet, watch some of your favourite series via Netflix or game some light games, go ahead check these two CPU’s and make your decision I’m sure you can’t make something wrong for products under 100 or 200 Dollars.

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