Twitch is now spying on you and your online behavior

Well, I recently made a complaint about YouTube’s new guidelines but we shouldn’t forget that there are more streaming services out there. Twitch getting more and more greedy, including more ads and external third-party connections which reminds me on several malware sites I know and now their latest change really hit me like a punch in my face. Twitch has updated their Community Guidelines because of feedback from the community. These guidelines go into effect on February 19th and they have to deal with anti-harassment, hateful conduct, and sexual conduct.


“We spy because some dickheads can’t play by the rules” – The new Twitch motto

Is this an excuse for spying? I don’t think so, just because some people have nothing to do with their day – everyone needs to suffer. Really nice change Twitch! I personally believe they are going too far, but that’s just me if you’re interested just checkup the updated guidelines here.

Today’s update focuses on our anti-harassment and sexual content policies. Our goal is to increase clarity, strength, and consistency across our entire moderation framework, as well as the frequency and level of detail of our moderation communications.

We prohibit using Twitch to facilitate hateful conduct or harassment, whether the targets are on or off Twitch. Individuals, communities or organizations that do so are not allowed to use our services. We may take action against users for hateful conduct or harassment that occurs off Twitch services that is directed at Twitch users.

What does it mean?

Twitch might start to watch your online activity even if you’re not connected to the Twitch platforms, which means they might check your Facebook, Twitter accounts without that you can opt-out because this is now a part of their official guidelines.

Greed and Twitch

Ads, tracking and cooperation ship with Amazon, Twitch has so many third-party connections to other services which they don’t have any control over – it only takes some time when someone hacks such services and leak millions of data. I wait daily till someone finally hacks Twitch so that they wake up….

Most malware pages have less third-party connections and sponsors, this picture is done from my own Twitch channel and I’m not even partnered or have any cheers and bits or exclusive contracts with Twitch, the spying and tracking domain count is much higher in ‘popular’ channels, Twitch gets more and more greedy, not even YouTube has that much tracking domains….

Compared to my YouTube channel and I’m partnered there, not good but way less tracking.

My comment

I will keep saying this to the miraculously numerous people who aren’t actually stupid but choose to be stupid online. When you post something online, you are publishing it. Use your head because what you publish will come back to haunt you. Any dickhead that wants to hurt you can find ways to do so if you keep choosing to be stupid online. Twitch is certainly no exception, there isn’t a single service that will tolerate their brand becoming associated with a whole host of behaviours. Especially the sort of sociopathic vitriol and totally irresponsible behaviour that fills social media.

Keep your clothes on, don’t try to organise murders or genocides. Run what you’re typing in your brain a few times before you post it. You’re allowed to say whatever you want, anywhere you want, that’s a right that has existed since the first words were spoken. You’re not entitled to do anything, absolutely fucking nothing, in your life without consequences. Every single thing you do has consequences, from picking your nose to murdering a neighbour and stealing his liver. Plus, the shit your publish will hang around for years and years waiting to sting you. At the very least make sure you make it as hard as possible for people to tie all of your various activities together. It’s not too much to ask that people be smart about acting stupid online, is it?

Is Twitch going too far or I’m the only one who believes they getting more and more aggressive just because of the behaviour of some toxic people – and is that enough to justify spying even if you’re not on their platform?