NVIDIA: Financial Results for Fourth Quarter and Fiscal 2018

NVIDIA has just published their financials from fiscal 2018, and they are as you would expect and what a surprise nVidia had a record year with GAAP earnings up 41% (!) from last year, making their revenue $9.71 billion. 


The announcement does not say what areas Nvidia had what gain in

The most important details are missing, which means no one knows for sure on which sectors Nvidia got a boost.

“In a powerful sign of our progress, attendees at NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conferences reached 22,000, up tenfold in five years, as software developers working in AI, self-driving cars, and a broad range of other fields continued to discover the acceleration and money-saving benefits of our GPU computing platform.

Industries around the world are racing to incorporate AI. Virtually every internet and cloud service provider has embraced our Volta GPUs. Hundreds of transportation companies are using our NVIDIA DRIVE platform. From manufacturing and healthcare to smart cities, innovators are using our platform to invent the future.”

Jensen Huang

Upcoming Ampere-Generation

There already rumours with some pieces of facts to the upcoming Ampere generation, I made a chart which gives you a quick overview.

Chip Segment Terminlage Graphic card Performance-Goal
GA104 High-End maybe. April 2018 GeForce GTX 2070 & 2080 2070 ~ GeForce GTX 1080 Ti
GA106 Midrange maybe. Summer/Q3 2018 GeForce GTX 2060 2060 ~ GeForce GTX 1080
GA102 Enthusiast End 2018 or Begin 2019 GeForce GTX 2080 Ti 2080 Ti ~ GeForce GTX 1080 Ti +70-80%
GA107 Mainstream Q2/Summer 2019 GeForce GTX 2050 & 2050 Ti 2050 Ti ~ GeForce GTX 1060
GA108 Low-Cost Q2/Summer 2019 GeForce GT 2030 2030 ~ GeForce GTX 1050
Keep in mind that this chart is not confirmed and it only summarizes the current rumours.

Final words

Looking at their revenue trend, gaming revenue is $1.739 billion in Q4 if I’m not wrong, professional visualization is $0.254 billion, datacenter is $0.606 billion, auto is $0.132 billion and OEM/IP is $0.180 billion.

Rumours and the AI hype could also helped Nvidia in the last quartal, especially the crypto-mining boom could explain their financial gain in this last quartal.