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Everything Review – Forget Cortana, use this you won’t regret it!

Cortana! Meh, why someone wants to cripple his system with this piece of crap is beyond me. I want to search files, nothing more and nothing less, so let’s check the alternative called “Everything”. The name is program because you for sure will find every file within milliseconds.


Software overview

Everything is developed by VoidTools, the program is freeware and there is no license restriction given. The program itself comes in two variants one for x86 systems and another one for x64 systems, the main installer provides the English language but there are language packages and a ‘multi’ language installer provided.

The developer provides a complete FAQ, which explains everything that you need to know about this little program – which also works portable if you want. Basically, the search is only one executable which indexes your files in the background, as always the first initialization process can take a bit but you won’t notice it because it not really requires many systems resources. This is definitely better than with Cortana or any other indexer program because in my tests I never noticed that the program requires resources at all – it’s blazing fast!

Program features

These are the basic features the program has to offer:

  • Small installation file
  • Clean and simple user interface
  • Quick file indexing
  • Quick searching
  • Minimal resource usage
  • Share files with others easily
  • Real-time updating
  • FTP-Index
  • The program works with regular expressions
  • Portable
  • ReFS compatible



As you can see the program has a lot of options, besides the options menu you can customize the view/rows via a right click.


Download Links

English Installer

Multi-language Installer

English Portable

Multi-language Portable


For people like me who only want to search files without any online connection for e.g. a web search this little utility is perfect, it’s portable, it’s fast it doesn’t require an internet connection and the best thing it really finds the files within milliseconds once the index finished it’s work.

It’s by far the best free tool and I use it since years, it gets my recommendation because you can use it on really all systems since it doesn’t waste your system resources or cripples your I/O performance because the indexer is only active when there really new files to index. It has tons of options and you can do some advanced searches to find your files even faster which is quite useful if you have a lot of files or if you work with a lot of revisions.