Windows Defender will soon detect & remove cleaner scareware

From March 1, Windows Defender and other Microsoft security products will classify programs that display “coercive messages” as unwanted software. Which means such programs will be removed from the user’s system.


Microsoft’s beef with such programs is that they can pressure customers into making unnecessary purchase decisions. As such, they are updating their evaluation criteria to specify that programs must not use coercive or alarming messages that can pressure consumers into making a purchase or performing other actions.

Microsoft official says software that coerces users may display the following characteristics, among others:

  • Reports errors in an exaggerated or alarming manner about the user’s system and requires the user to pay for fixing the errors or issues monetarily or by performing other actions such as taking a survey, downloading a file, signing up for a newsletter, etc.
  • Suggests that no other actions will correct the reported errors or issues
  • Requires the user to act within a limited period of time to get the purported issue resolved

Does it remove programs like CClaner?

No, such programs are not affected, only badware/scareware programs like trojans that encrypt systems for money (ransomware).