Samsung S10 rumours – Does it come with 5G modem?

The Samsung Galaxy S9(+) is not even out yet and the rumours about the next version are already all over the internet. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 will include the first consumer based 5G modem which you could buy, the big question is will the S10 get the Snapdragon 850? It would make all the sense.

S10 concept
Unofficial Concept Picture.

We should expect Samsung’s new flagship will rock a high-performance SoC with a built-in Neural Processing Unit (NPU). Samsung theoretically also could use LPDDR5, 5G connectivity, UFS 3.0 storage, 3D + AI tech, and over 93% of the front of the Galaxy S10 could be display goodness.

UFS 3.0

  • 2011 – UFS 1.0 – 2,9 Gigabit per Second (362,5 MB/s)
  • 2013 – UFS 2.0 – Via HS-Gear3-Mode up to 5,8 Gbit/s (725 MB/s)
  • 2018 – UFS 3.0 – Via HS-Gear4 sup to 11,6 Gbit/s (1.450 MB/s) (1.160 MB/s with excluded overhead @2,4 GB/s on two lanes)
It’s also possible that Samsung uses a OLED display, something that should ensure the Galaxy S10 has the best smartphone display ever.But nothing is announced denied or confirmed yet, these are only the current rumours – anything is possible and personally I would love to see UFS 3 and a better display with a better battery.
We should expect to hear and see more on the Galaxy S10 later this year, with a launch in Q1 2019 at this rate.