Assassin’s Creed: Origins cracked by CPY

After almost 4 months the latest Assassin’s Creed: Origins game got cracked, which means latest Denuvo version is now pointless. At this point there is no statement from Ubisoft if there planing to remove the copyright protection. The cracker group CPY released a 54GB torrent two days ago. Most new games get cracked by hacker groups within weeks or even days of release at this point. Early last year, a slew of games had workarounds for their Denuvo anti-piracy protection put out in record time, starting with Resident Evil 7. Assassin’s Creed Origins managed to keep its various layers of protection intact for much longer, however, due in part to a newer version of Denuvo than what past games were using.


There already 34 GB repacks from known groups like CoreRepacks & Co. Last month Denuvo was purchased by the digital security company Irdeto and has already released a version 5.0 of its software. Dragon Ball FighterZ, released January 26, is the most recent game to use this version and remains uncracked.

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I’ve seen Razor1911 tags on some games recently, did they come back? Had they any announcements? Seems shady to me.


From what I know Razor1911 never disappeared, I have contact with Daniel, one head behind the group and he is busy. H e(still) works for AMD. I think it’s just a time management thing we all getting older and we have other priorities. 🙂


Well it’s cool you know the guy but don’t you think it’s risky for them to give their names out? They use aliases for that. He could get into trouble with copyright laws. So you might want to remove his name and company from your comment 🙂


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