Windows 10

Windows 10 Redstone 4 (1803) = Spring Creators Update?

Names, maybe not something Microsoft is good at but there some new details about the upcoming major release, Condename Redstone 4 could be released under the name: ‘Spring Creators Update’.

Windows 10 Pring Creators Update

Microsoft seems yet again really creative when it comes to names and updates. Nah, not really. The current Bug Bash hunting was started yesterday and this means the final Windows 10 1803 build is almost done – okay except as the name already suggest, finding some last bugs.

There is nothing much to show or to say here, except that the “Spring Creators Update” name is mentioned in the new Windows Defender GUI. We will see what name 1803 really gets but on the other side who really cares?! It’s not that the Redstone 5 work has not already been started and that we get another name in 6 months.