Android Applications

The best ways to Download Google Play Store APK’s/App’s

So you’re here because you searched for a solution to download Google Play Store apps without an Google account or with another fake account? No problem! Google normally doesn’t allow external apps to download or intercept into their Store download mechanism but it’s still possible to get apps from it without the need to use your own account. It’s not illegal because Google not like it but it’s a grey zone and it might get closed officially at any time or Google simply block your fake/real account if they see you use it against their Terms of Services (TOS).


Can I download paid apps?

No, because paid accounts are bundled on the account directly but the good news is that the ‘refund’ trick still works, what you need is Lucky Patcher, the app can install a modded Google Play Store version which allows you to toggle the license verification so that it always returns ‘true’ which means after you did the refund you can backup the app with Lucky Patcher and then use it just like you just purchased it however, this is not what this article is about because the refund trick works only with you own credit card and Google can block your card if they notice you abusing their systems. But this is still, since over 5 years possible.

What tools/apps do I need?

I’ll show you two solutions, one for Windows and one for Android. Both tools are easy to use and open source.



Raccon is a little Windows executable which requires Java Runtime Environment  installed to work, that’s not a big deal and really quick installed. The program can work with any login data, you can use your own Google Login data or create a test account. The program allows you then to download the apk/app and then you could side-load it via e.g. the APK Batch Installer.

Yalp Store

Similar like Aptoide, F-Droid or FakeStore – Yalp Store allows you to download applications with one huge point which is different, you can use the integrated account if you want to download the apps. This allows you to get apps which aren’t available in your region.

Final Words

Yalp and Raccon are both good programs to download Google Play Store apps which can be useful in case you want to test certain apps in an emulator. A alternative could be APKMirror, but as always you have to trust the original uploaded on such platforms, sadly these days the Google Play Store is no guarantee to get clean applications but what is really secure these days?!