SUMo v5.5.2.383 Giveaway by Bitsdujour

It’s weekend and I’ll drop some candy for you ladies and gentlemen, I just found that has a new Giveaway, SUMo. SUMo is similar like Secunia PSI a little product which scans your PC for installed/portable software and then it shows you if there is an update or not. Unless other products you can use it portable and it’s really fast, you can customize the scanning by excluding specific folders or allow even the scanning for beta software, personally I used it once a day because it’s really useful.


The giveaway works with the normal SUMo Lite setup or their own Giveaway installer version. From what I see upgrades aren’t included in the license but that should not be a big problem because there very often giveaways all over the internet.

SUMo Options
SUMo comes with tons of options and you can control the product like you want, scanning is usually quick unless you change the scan behavior.

The product is really nice because you quickly see if there is an update or not, PSI never really worked for me because it was slow and bugged so when SUMo got released years ago I switched to it and I totally recommend it.

Okay enough talk here is the key:

Registration Name : BitsDuJour
Serial Number : 41073074085095077106089090087098053046053

Enjoy your weekend folks!

Credits at this point to KC Softwares and Bitsdujour for the giveaway.

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I always thought paid sumo version can install updates automatically, but after using paid version (from the key here) I see it’s not very different from the free version. the only difference is paid version can redirect you to the official site to download updates manually and free version redirect you to google search, majorgeeks, and softpedia.

I would love to have a software which can update vast majority of software automatically in my system and also can update all installers in my software folder.

btw sumo is very helpful to track updates of applications.


I guess that will never be possible, that has to do with the software license, some if not most software won’t allow that and at the end there would be no difference if you download the update via SUMo or from the official page.

Whatever, personally I totally like that you get some kind of notification/update system via SUMo here, it’s fast and it bloody works without that you need tons of external requirements or other stuff.

I might give a SUMo & DUMo lifetime key away this summer. KC Softwares programs are useful, except the latest one the port utility which is basically just a GUI for netstat.


I tried some updaters from here and i found that some updaters give wrong info about updates. for example, I tried pc app store by Baidu and I’ve never seen such outdated software on a platform before. it is a total mess.

The best thing about sumo is that it can detect updates for the vast majority of programs. I don’t know if any software can beat sumo on that. and thanks for the keys of sumo, I forgot to say thanks in my previous post.


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