AMD next-gen Zen 2 design

AMD has announced that its next-gen Zen 2 cores are now ready and will begin sampling the chips later this year, the Zen 2-based CPUs launch is in 2019.
AMD Zen 2 Roadmap
The Roadmap from last year shows that everything is finished until Q4 this year. Picture: AMD


AMD has definitely enjoyed a positive year with its Ryzen CPUs based on the latest Zen architecture but the new Zen 2 architecture has plenty of improvements that will see AMD hopefully continue its success in 2019, and beyond.

During AMD’s recent Q4 2017 earnings call the CEO of AMD, Lisa Su, said: “Our Zen 2 design is now complete and we will be sampling to our customers later this year“. The company will launch Zen+ as well which will be based on 12nm, while the new Zen 2 architecture will be using the smaller 7nm process.

I wish AMD good luck, fresh wind on the market and competition is always good for us consumer.

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