Qubes OS 4.0 RC4 is out

The privacy focused operating system is in a new pre-final version out, RC 4 might be the last version before there going to relasefinal version, the reason I announce it is that there no bigger changes compared to the final version, so we already getting something which is almost done. The next focus will be on bugfixing the well known problems. The official changelog is as always avaible on their Blog.

Official Qubes Logo. Picture Qubes Blog.

Qubes is an alternative OS which provides several security layer compared to other older operating systems and it constantly adds more feautes into the os and fixes the old ones as soon as possible, the overall reason why this OS was created was to provide something which is more secure and not as weak as others against several known attacks. Tails is maybe one popular alternative which recently got hyped by the Mr. Robot tv series on Netflix, however Qubes OS in general works with VM upper-layer to protect user data while Tails goes another way here, anyway both are good and privacy focused operating systems.

New fixes against Meltdown & Spectre

Of course everyone is talking about and the entire world is in a deep shock by such huge attacks, Meltdown & Spectre getting fixes directly implemented into the Qubes OS. The new safeguard mechanism are explained over here.

Qubes VM Manager is back!

The old Qubes VM Manager was removed but is now back, people voted the feature back into the OS. The manager itself is useful to isolate and control system devices such as your microphone and more, typically Virtual Machine isn’t it?

The team is working hard to fix the list on their to-do list and we hope that we might see next month a final version but as always bugfixing can be a bitch and it might take longer as planned.

Bugs can as always be reported over here.

Final Words

Qubes OS is a good OS and it makes another step into the right direction, the community wanted several features back and Qubes reacted very fast here to not lose some popularity and some users, the community is an important factor on every OS because there the ones which finding the most bug and the oned which submitting a lot of new ideas and feature requests.

Hopefully the OS gets more into the focus, I feel like there is only Windows but the OS world is huge and just because somthing is popular doesn’t mean it’s the best OS and just because something not gets enough attention makes it not a bad product. I wish the Qubes OS team good luck on their way and I hope we see more privacy related operating systems in the upcoming years because it’s more than ever needed.