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Intel Coffee Lake-S: Core i5-8600, i5-8500 & i3-8300 confirmed

A Material Declaration Data Sheet revealed the upcoming processors Intel CPUs Core i5-8600, i5-8500 & i3-8300, rumours were already there since the last two weeks.

Coffee & Chill. Picture:


AMD Intel
Febr. 2018 Second Wave: Coffee Lake (14nm)
April 2018 Pinnacle Ridge (Zen+ 12nm)
Summer 2018 Threadripper 2 (Zen+ 12nm, HEDT)
Q4/2018 Cascade Lake-X (14nm, HEDT)
Begin of 2019 Matisse (Zen 2, 7nm) Ice Lake (First 10nm Generation)
Begin of  2020 Tiger Lake (Second 10nm Gen.)
2020 Zen 3 (7nm) Maybe new CPU architecture because phyiscally limits with 7/nm?

Two new Celeron will come, which you can see because of the ID on the mentioned list, Celeron-G4900, G4920 together with the Pentium-CPUs 5400 & G5500. All four CPUs are are two core CPUs which should’t be a surprise the Pentiums can optional enable SMT via BIOS. The price will be around or even under 100€.

Core i5-8600, i5-8500 & i3-8300

The biggest difference in this mid-range segment will be the MHz difference between each CPU. VideoCardz alreay shows several screenshots.

  • 3-8300 3,7 GHz (without Turbo) 
  • i5-8500 around 3,0 GHz 
  • i5-8600 with 3,1 GHz
  • i5-8400 goes with activated Turbo already up to 4,0 GHz, which means we need some benchmarks so see if it’s really worth to buy a higher model.

At the end not really a suprise and if you followed the rumours everying was more or less predicted. The 8400 and 8600 could be very attractive to overclockers but we need some more specific data to come to an better conclusion here.

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