YouTube alternative DTube

DTube is a relativity young project it’s a decentralized blockchain-based solution against YouTube censorship and copyright madness – so the promise.


Windows 10

Which is the best Windows Edition? – Here is the answer!

There different Windows Versions and each has its benefit but what is the best one and most secure one which I can suggest?! The short answer and the winner is the Enterprise Version but why?



Linux Kernel 4.15 against Meltdown & Spectre

Linus Torvalds released the final version of the first Linux kernel with Meltdown & Spectre fixes, the new version 4.15 comes with over 1000 changesets and this is mostly to address the current security issue. The new Kernel is now more compatible with VR and the free AMDgpu driver got implemented which means AMD Vega GPUs are better supported. You can get, as always, download the latest kernel on


Tips and Tricks

Overview of Offline Windows Update Downloader solutions

Maybe you want to integrate Windows updates directly into the ISO or maybe you just want to avoid internet connections after you freshly installed your Windows OS, in this case, it would be useful that you download the KBs (Updates) manually before you start to install Windows OS, so here we go – the following article lists all solutions which are available to solve such problems.



Group of cybercriminals started 28 fake advertising agencies

A group of cybercriminals has started 28 fake advertising agencies to distribute malicious advertisements that tried to infect internet users with malware. To keep up appearances, and to make their companies look more genuine, the criminals created fake LinkedIn profiles of their nonexisting CEOs.

Fak ads


Will 2018 give us an answer how long OEMs should provide us with firmware updates?

2018 will be the year of leaks, that’s already for sure. We still get the waves and impacts from last year attacks of KRACK, Meltdown & Spectre among other almost daily upcoming data breaches.


Review Software

Don’t Sleep Review

Don’t Sleep is a little util from Nenad Hrg which is the creator of, his programs are similar to the ones from NirSoft, small, fast and portable! No ads or other gimmicks in it and that’s exactly what I like.

Don't Sleep


7-Zip 18.01

The open source altern atternative7-Zip just got released in v18.01. The new version of the Windows software is the first final release of 2018. The first two digits of the version number reflect the year of release.


Tips and Tricks Windows

What should you do immediately after you installed Windows?

Well, I finally made the switch to Linux /end of the article. I’m joking, well not really I switched but I want to hear your suggestion and opinion what you do after you fresh installed Windows.

Clean Windows