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New anti-tracking Extension & App from DuckDuckGo

Do you need just another anti-tracking app, that’s the question, while most addons and Browser script adding nothing much to the well known extensions we will take a closer look at the newly released DuckDuckGo solution – If you’re not aware of it, DuckDuckGo is known as a big private alternative search engine alternative to Google and Yahoo.

The official App integrates HTTPS-EVerywhere, adblocker filter lists and some other toys. Picture:

If you want to block advertising and trackers easily and user-friendly, you should look at a new offer from the search engine DuckDuckGo. With a browser extension or a mobile app can be understood how encrypted data is encrypted and which trackers are active on visited websites.

The search engine “DuckDuckGo” has a new offer for users of Firefox, Safari, Chrome and iOS and Android: a browser extension or browser app that blocks advertising and thus provides more security and privacy. Both are available open source at Github. On the websites visited, the browser extension showed how the data to be transmitted is encrypted and which trackers are active there. In addition, a scale gives a privacy rating.

But do you need it?

The short answer is no you don’t! AdBlock Plus, uMatrix or uBlock/Nano Adblocker are the well-known powerful tools to block ads, scripts and Co. These solutions are totally worth to be installed and mostly covering a lot what other developers offering in seperate plugins, remember that less addons are better, because less security concerns, less memory consumpation and all-in-one-solutions are easy to monitor when there is a source code – instead of watching 20 other addons which might do the same.

If you not use any adblocker, go ahead and consider to use one, you can never be too careful these days because as we learned last year crypto-mining is more and more abused together with other well-known attack scenarios which easily can be blocked with simple adblockers.

DuckDuckGo is a rookie wenn it comes to anti-fingerprinting and adblocking, there trying hard to earn some trust but in my opinion they should focus on their search engine and not on yet another addon which exist in 1 million copies under different names – what we need these days are as said all-in-one solution from experts, not seperate addons.