Firefox Replacement for Session Manager

Because of Mozilla recent changes all extensions got a re-write, webextension are the new future and the old and really good extension called ‘Session Manager’ doesn’t work anymore in later Mozilla releases like Quantum but which alternatives do we have? Sadly not much.


There tons of extensions out there bit when it comes to quality there all mostly suck because they are full of bugs, incompatible or outdated.

Not much alternatives

In general, they’re not much good extension when it comes to session history management but the ‘MySessions’ addon seems to be a good recommendation.


About the addon

The developer os this extension, ComS has together with his extension a good reputation which means I couldn’t something negative about him or the addon. The addon is as all AMO addons easy installed and it only takes some minutes to understand the addon which makes it easy to work with.

Warnings from Developer

The developer explains very well in the overview that there several bugs which aren’t his fault, it’s caused directly by Mozilla and he also states that you can upvote the issue so that Mozilla one day hopefully fix it, however, in my short tests I could save and restore the tabs without any problems – you can save specific tabs with the default name or rename them how you want.


As you can see each tab gets his name and favorite icon, (I removed the names on some opened test tabs in this screenshot). On the right side, you see a history of autosaved sessions and one which I created for test reasons with a random name.

The Crash recovery option is a little bit buggy and it ended up turning the option off, besides this, there is nothing much to discover, the addon simply does what it promises it work with self-created sessions.


The old and Session Manager is dead, maybe it gets a re-write but that might take time, the new addon seems promising and the developers seem to work regularly on it. There some little bugs here and there but I hope Mozilla fixes some things related to the extension engine later.