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DTube is a relativity young project it’s a decentralized blockchain-based solution against YouTube censorship and copyright madness – so the promise.



DTube is basically a platform fully written in Javascript, it allows the user to post videos and watch videos and users can earn money in their videos by upvoting the videos. It’s a modern decentralized platform powered by Steemit which means your posted videos and comments are visible in blockchain in Steemit. One benefit is that Dtube videos didn’t have (yet?) advertisement to earn.

Can it replace YouTube?

Nothing really replaces the biggest video library on earth but it’s an alternative which is still under heavy development. Currently, it only supports 480p videos, but remember when YouTube started we had 300x resolution and according to their todo list, 1080p is planned for the next version. The benefits in short are:

  1. Youtube needs a lot number of views to start earning, DTube works a little bit better, it works with the blockchain.
  2. YouTube censorship several videos, while DTube does not block any video (yet?). Of course, copyright material is still not allowed to publish without any license.
  3. DTube is decentralized.
  4. Currently, there is no app to easily upload work with the platform, it goes over the Browser/Javascript but it’s planned to simplify this process, apps are coming!
  5. DTube has a shorter URL – dunno if that is a benefit, well maybe for mobile users.
  6. YouTube is in full control over your earnings, ads and co, DTube is more open and it’s about the content, not the views which are, in my opinion, the better concept.


Will I do the switch? Yes, I say f*ck YouTube and goodbye! DTube and decentralized programs/platforms and services are the future that’s for sure.

However, the project is young and it needs to grow and get the attention it deserves to get ‘hyped’, but it’s definitly something you should consider because YouTube (Google) gets more and more greedy and their latest changes cheerd a lot of good old and new YouTuber away.


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