ScreenToGif Review

Is this the best portable solution to capture and edit gifs? Who knows there is only one way to figure it out.


About the program

ScreenToGif is a portable lightweight program which is free for non-commercial use. The source code is on GitHub together with a documentation (wiki).

The program itself basically has four main modules:

  1. A recorder option to capture your screen, program or window. It can capture the entire area or only specific selected areas.
  2. The editor which allows you to edit your records or an important picture/gif. After you recorded something the editor opens itself to allow you to manipulate or add e.g. text into specific frames you select.
  3. A Webcam function, this detects your webcam/video device and allows you to capture this special window. Let’s say you stream something and you want to create a meme or special moment of it, then this function allows to make a gif of it.
  4. The Board function is like a sketchboard you can draw something, record it or delete it with a rubber, it reminds me a little bit of the MS Paint drawing function.


The program has tons of options and you can configure almost everything, the color, how many frames per second the program should capture and many many more things. But a picture says more than a thousand words right?

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ScreenToGif is not even 2,5 MB big and it works as portable executable, it is really an outstanding application and brings everything that you need to quickly capture your screen.


It’s one of these applications which does the job well and one of these free products which deserve some love, it bloody works and there is no bloodware bundled which means you download it, extract it and run it – life couldn’t be easier, right?

It definitely is an awesome product and I like that it’s really easy to handle, it comes with tons of possibilities and it’s fun to play with. The developer really did a fantastic job and we need more such useful little applications.