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Don’t Sleep Review

Don’t Sleep is a little util from Nenad Hrg which is the creator of, his programs are similar to the ones from NirSoft, small, fast and portable! No ads or other gimmicks in it and that’s exactly what I like.

Don't Sleep


The software is small not even 150 KB big and it’s portable, just extract the downloaded zip archive and start it.

The program has several functions such as:

  • Prevent the Monitor from turning on the screensaver or going into an idle “off” state.
  • It can block the shutdown.
  • It can block the standby function, the Hybrid-/Hibernation sleep function.
  • Preventing or allowing the PC to sleep based on specific events like Mouse/Keyboard inputs or specific states like if a key was pressed or not
  • Other small functions to shutdown the pc, restart it and many more!

Main function

The main function of Don’t Sleep is as the name already suggest, to prevent the PC from going into a sleep mode, this can be useful if you’re on a laptop and want to prevent it while you’re writing articles, torrent something or just if the Windows own mechanism isn’t properly working.

Don't Sleep_startparametees

The program allows you to work with start parameters which means that you can remotely configure or control the program. Or start it via command line parameters silently in the background without the need to configure every toggle each time manually.


Timer functions

The program comes with shutdown/sleep timers, so you can manually set a specific date/clock or work with pre-configured clocks. The button on the right side of the top ‘Enabled’ / ‘Disabled’ are master switches to turn the entire program on or off.

Switching languages

The little ‘LNG’ button on the bottom is there to switch between multiple languages. The program detects your installed OS language but you might want to use the program in English or another language.

Final Words provides several useful free utilities, Don’t Sleep is one of them and it does a good job, it provides an easy to understand user interface, it is portable and doesn’t require you to download tons of program data because it’s small in size.

The program gets regular updates and improvements which got my attention a long time ago, the developer deserves some mention for his programs and I think I can recommend his programs without any doubts because they’re all clean and bundled with any crap.