Even with Meltdown & Spectre – Intel on a new high + new promises

I can’t believe it, even with the Meltdown and Spectre leaks intel is on a new selling record. The stock exploded right after the Intel announcement that there will be a Meltdown & Spectre secure CPU release this year – which btw isn’t enabled by default. According to CEO Brian Krzanich Intel is getting this year new CPUs with an integrated protection.

Picture: Intel CEO

The numbers

Q4/2016 Q1/2017 Q2/2017 Q3/2017 Q4/2017
Turnover 16374 Mio. $ 14796 Mio. $ 14763 Mio. $ 16149 Mio. $ 17053 Mio. $
Profit 3562 Mio. $ 2964 Mio. $ 2808 Mio. $ 4516 Mio. $ -687 Mio. $
Operating profit 4526 Mio. $ 3599 Mio. $ 3824 Mio. $ 5115 Mio. $ 5395 Mio. $

Operative profit with 5,395 Mrd. Dollar -> +5.5% compared to Q3 and +19,2% compared to last years profit.

I made a spreadsheet which shows the history since 2006 for Intel, AMD, and Nvidia which can be found here.

The promise

Our near-term focus is on delivering high-quality mitigations to protect our customer’s infrastructure from these exploits. We’re working to incorporate silicon-based changed to future products that will directly address the Spectre and Meltdown threats in hardware. And those products will begin appearing later this year.” – Brian Krzanich, CEO, Intel

I guess Intel is talking here about the in Q2 2018 launching Cascade Lake CPU. Well, launching the new CPU without such a fix could be fatal for Intel, so I expect nothing less.

Current code according to Tovalds with lot of ‘problems’

According to Torvalds, the current implementation and patches from Intel are ‘garbage’ because Intel integrates useless code with the fact that it patches Spectre Variant 2 but it is not enabled by default. Only the operating system can decide to activate it or not.

Intel’s new power – Server

Intel makes the most money with their servers 14% more operative profit just because of the new Data Center Group.

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