8K is useless till 2025 because there will be no content

8K TV’s will be mass available the end of 2018 but you not need to hurry to upgrade – because there will be no content until 2025.


During a Philips TV launch in Amsterdam, Pocket-lint was told that European 8K TV broadcasts are unlikely to be available until 2025 at the least. Industry renowned research director Paul Gray, of analytics company IHS Markit, explained that 8K resolutions will be restricted to TVs with screen sizes of 80-inches and above for the immediate future.

Do you really need such a screen?



Bigger, better, more and faster – high numbers seems to have an impact on us because the manufacturers want us to believe that ‘newer’ and ‘higher’ is always better, but if you take a closer look at this chart you will see that it’s not worth to upgrade (depending on your view distance) in most of the cases, e.g. you not need 8K when you sit 1 meters behind your gaming monitor like most people

Europeans and Americans always behind Japan

Japan seems to be ahead when it comes to TV’s they already have HD content 5 years before the rest of the world got it. The problem is again here that there was less content available or only exclusive one.

Final words

So if you sit within 4′ of a 65″ screen you might be able to tell the difference between 4K and 8K, but who does that? Even if you have a 100″ screen, you’d need to sit closer than 6′ from it to tell the difference. That’s like sitting in the front row in the movie theater. There is a reason those seats are typically the last to go.

Personally, I have a 65″ screen in my home theater setup, and no room for anything larger. My viewing distance is about 12′, so I technically fall in the 4k area, but when I have test viewed 4k content on 65′ screens at that distance on this chart, I really haven’t been able to tell the difference.

So, for now, I’m keeping My Home Theater and TV setups at 1080p, and my desktop at 4k for the foreseeable future. 8k sounds great on paper and all, but I see absolutely no use for it what so ever in reality when there is barely any use for 4k as it stands.

Maybe in 2025 when the 8k content is supposed to come around, I’ll feel differently about it, but that’s 7 years from now. Plenty of time to change my mind if I need to.


  • 8K TVs to be available this year, but no content until 2025 (