PlayStation 4 Pirated Games Now Available

In late December, hackers announced they had discovered a kernel exploit for PS4 firmware version 4.05, potentially opening the console to homebrew software. Of course, we’ve heard big promises like these from hackers before, and they didn’t end up amounting to anything – well, it seems this latest exploit is the real deal – the PS4 has been busted open and there’s no going back for Sony.


In another forum hackers have also discovered that the PS4 had a PS2 emulator hidden in its firmware. As a result, a tool has been developed for PS4HEN that allows you to run backups of PS2 games on the PS4. Games like Klonoa 2 and Shinobi have been proven to work on jailbroken PS4s.

So far, Sony hasn’t responded to the arrival of homebrew on the PS4, although they can’t be happy. Right now, homebrew only works on PS4 version 4.05 (5.05 just got released yesterday), but hacks are reportedly in the works for newer versions of the firmware.

Installing and running our first ever PS4 homebrew application 4

I think PlayStation 4 sales are going to only improve further as would be modders rush to buy old stock that is running older firmware. 2018 is going to be another great year for PlayStation and Nintendo modders.